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Globe valves

Globe valve is a versatile and almost a maintenance free industrial valve which can be used in many applications. Globe valves are used in closing and regulation operations in different pipelines.

Globe valves offered by us are suitable to use with many different mediums, such as steam, condensate, oil, thermo-oil, chemicals, compressed air, water, seawater and gas. Globe valves are available in different sizes and pressure options.

globe valves econosto


Water plants
Steam plants
Industrial technologies
Heat engineering
Power engineering

All globe valves correspond to the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

Material options:

A) Grey cast iron
B) Nodular cast iron
C) Bronze
D) Cast steel
E) Stainless steel

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Globe valves with flanges (PDF) ›
Bellow sealed globe valves (PDF) ›
Globe valves with BW-ends (PDF) ›
Globe valves with screwed ends (PDF) ›


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