Econosto Oy



Specialist services
Reliable and flexible valve supplier for more than 20 years

Econosto Oy was founded in 1987 and has been operating strongly in valve markets since 1990. From 2022 Econosto Oy has been a part of worldwide KLINGER- group. The company is based in Kuopio, upon great transport connections. Our business principle from the beginning has been to offer a personalised service for your business. This means that we want to really know your company’s activities and needs. Our values are to be a flexible and reliable partner, that your company can contact at any time, with any issues or questions.

Over the years we have developed our product range and opted for high-quality valves, gauges and controls, which we supply to our customers in various industries in Finland and around the world. Quality is ensured by quality certifications and long experience in the field.

Econosto Oy is a versatile valve house and you can also find the special expertise with us, such as adjusting the safety devices and actuators to your needs. For this and other services, please ask. We are here to serve your businesses in Finnish and English.

Flexible and reliable partner – at your service, genuinely!


Require more information? We are at your service, Phone +358 17 262 3555 Mon-Fri 8 AM to 4 PM