A reliable and flexible valve supplier for over 30 years

Econosto Oy was established in 1987 and has been strongly involved in the Finnish valve market since 1990. The company has been part of the global KLINGER Group since 2022, which further improves our selection and services.

Econosto’s headquarters are in Kuopio, Finland, and are easy to reach thanks to good travel connections. Right from the start, our operating principle has been to offer your company individual service. In practice, this means that we want to genuinely know your company’s operations and needs. Our values include being a flexible and reliable partner that your company can contact any time, whatever the matter.

Over the years, we have been developing our product range and selecting high-quality valves, actuators and regulators that we deliver to our customers in many industries around Finland and the globe. Quality certificates and our long experience in the industry ensure top quality.

Econosto Oy is a versatile valve supplier and we also have special expertise in areas such as the adjustment of security devices and actuators to respond to your company’s needs. Contact us for more information about this and other services. Our services are available in Finnish and English.

A flexible and reliable partner – at your service, genuinely!

Huge selection,
reliable delivery